The Great State of Idaho

Why I Seek the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination

I naturally care deeply about my country as a patriotic American and disabled veteran. The fact that I have many children and grandchildren kindles a burning desire deep in my heart to hand them even a better country than our baby boomer generation inherited from the greatest generation of Americans - the World War II generation of American heroes.

I love Idaho. Truly this splendid dominion is majestic in natural beauty, blessed with wonderful people clinging tenaciously to a broad spectrum of conservative, righteous values, and has no vile helmet laws to boot.

I would delight in zealously advocating the God given Tenth Amendment Guarantee of states rights on behalf of all Idahoans and be overjoyed to mix it up anytime, anywhere with the feds whenever their minions of unconstitutional villainy dare to mess with the sovereign State of Idaho.

I want to severely restrict the Idaho Department of W-ealth and Hell-fare. As it is, all too frequently they forcefully take children from their innocent parents without due process of law. I do believe that it is essential that this organization have the power to protect innocent children. However, all too often their loose adherence to due process separates kind and loving parents from well adjusted children. This causes serious emotional harm to the children they are supposed to protect and causes mental anguish and an expensive legal battle for the parents. There are many problems with this frustratingly disorganized organization that I wish to address but, this is by far the most important issue.

I'm down on abortion like God Almighty is down on sin. I hate brutal baby murder and given the powers of governor I would be in a much stronger position to eliminate abortion forever. A special form of bloody murder that happens to be legal doesn't make it moral or right.

Though the issues above are important, the following is more personal and to the point of "Why" I am running: