The Great State of Idaho

Important Warning!

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The content of this website and especially the content of the page titled "Harleyism", may be construed by those of a gentle nature, a sensitive disposition or the young, to be offensive, shocking or even obscene. To be clear, my words may be rough. Therefore, discretion is advised. It takes a bit of rough language and plain words to communicate without equivocation that the overarching theme of my campaign and this site is "FREEDOM FROM POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

I want to provide blue-collar and maybe even some white-collar people of Idaho an opportunity to vote for a completely Candid Candidate rather than the " Politically Correct ", lawyers usually on the ballot. In other words, something besides the typical politician.

It is with the great hope of becoming known as the Candid Candidate that I am trying to epitomizing an alternative to political correctness. I wish to be a living example of the fact that dishonesty in any of its forms and any encroachment whatsoever upon our sacred right to free speech is nothing more than bondage to fear. I believe that this or any other form of bondage is repugnant and do hereby announce that I hold it in great contempt.