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There is only one real solution to the problem of the national debt, SPEND LESS. Review the "Captain Guts Principle" below to see how I propose to do that.

It would be unreasonable for a state governor to attempt to address all of the problems within the federal government. It isn't the governor's job. However, when the federal government oversteps its authority or compromises the rights of the state or the people therein, it is the governor's duty to take whatever action is required to defend those rights.

Strictly interpret the U.S. Constitution to limit the U.S. government to only perform those SPECIFICALLY DELEGATED AND ENUMERATED, functions. At this juncture in American history, the federal government, is way out of line and, through the truly criminal acts of usurping additional powers for itself. It has exceeded its lawful authority. The federal government is NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY AUTHORIZED to insure bank account funds, provide welfare, food stamps, housing or to interfere with public education. The list of extremely expensive taxpayer-supported usurped powers is nearly endless and our grandchildren will inherit a growing $17 trillion national debt.

My proposed SUPERNATURAL SOLUTION to Nasty Natural Problems of gargantuan proportions. I have decided to target the two biggest national issues for starters: 1. national debt & 2. wild unlawful mega-expanding U.S. government. "The nations are as a drop in a bucket" Isaiah 40:15. Very few Christians realize the tremendous power & authority God has delegated to His Church (the total headcount of ALL who believe in Jesus Christ); I do.

As the national leader I plan to first train and edify my untrained brothers & sisters then get us all "singing off the same sheet of music" [in one accord] to 1. wipe out the national debt and to 2. quoting Thomas Jefferson, "to chain  (the government) by the fetters of the Constitution." We possess mighty supernatural weapons and the power to command both demons and circumstances to obey the Word of God. The Bible says we also have the Name of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the power of agreement to name a few of the weapons in our spiritual arsenal; I recommend training and becoming proficient in their use. "NOTE: Possessing a fully armed F-18 Hornet fighter would do very little good unless you were trained to fly it and to operate its devastating weapons. The same principal applies to all Christians already wielding tremendous spiritual power and authority freely given by the Lord.

Some may raise the VALID ISSUE of the separation of church and state. As an engineer I am simply applying the known principles and power of the spirit and God as described in the Bible, thru the Church, to help the relatively pathetic state (the U.S. government) solve it's most pressing problems, that's all. I am not attempting to convert anybody to join any religious denomination whatsoever. The last time I looked, the First Amendment [freedom of religion] was still operating with full force.

To date, only natural solutions have been proposed and implemented. All have failed miserably. The debt grows and the government mushrooms unchecked. Wouldn't you agree that it's high time we tried some other (supernatural) fix?

I declare it's high time for We the American People to rise up and tame this rampaging monster and forcefully amputate and permanently eliminate all those currently unconstitutional members of our federal government. Perhaps if we had been more vigilant, the governmental runaway truck would still be under our control. And just maybe, if the feds were forced to remain, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, "chained by the fetters of the Constitution", we could eliminate that nasty federal debt quickly - perhaps even before the last Baby Boomer retired; if we exert enough collective political willpower, it can certainly be done. I remember, with extreme nationalistic pride, that day Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon. As per the U.S. Navy Seabees' motto, we Americans " CAN DO !"


Two thirds of our national budget is dissipated upon social programs not authorized in our U.S. Constitution and much of the remaining third is wasted upon agencies and federal bureaucracies likewise deemed unconstitutional by this author.

Years ago I owned Brown Demolition Company and one day I went for a ride in my beloved old Dodge Power Wagon pickup with my two-year-old grandson, whom I nicknamed "Captain Guts". I smoke cigars while driving. Captain Guts made it perfectly clear that he really wanted my cigar. In fact, he behaved extremely unreasonably and immaturely - go figure. I ask you: Have you ever won an argument with a two-year old? Just to keep the peace in traffic and to keep that kid from screaming bloody murder, l chose the lesser of two evils and let him have my cigar. When we walked into Kinko's, (me, Captain Guts and his big lit cigar) the lady there went ballistic on me. I replied "YOU try taking his cigar lady and just see what happens.) This wise woman (obviously an experienced mother) first showed Captain Guts a big, colorful lolly-pop, placed it in his little left hand, and then, effortlessly, in Heavenly peace, removed the cigar from his right hand encountering zero resistance from the strong-willed toddler.

We engineers are into applying principles. For example, the same principle (Archimedes Principle) that causes a toothpick to float in a shot glass of water, allows a 100 thousand ton Nimitz class aircraft carrier to float in seawater. Just like Captain Guts (the toothpick) was successfully and extremely rapidly weaned from his cigar, I intend to use the same principle to wean about one half of the U.S. population (the USS Nimitz) off of the government dole.

Currently approximately one half of our fellow Americans are on the government dole, like Captain Guts smoking his cigar. Note: The U.S. Government is worse than broke - it's $17 Trillions in debt (that's roughly $200,000 for each family of four.) My proposed solution is a supernatural one to wit: Organize a coordinated education campaign across the nation led by really squared-away preachers like Dr. Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church, College Park, GA, to instruct the hoards and masses how to tap into the unlimited resources of God (Capt. Guts' lollipop) rather than sucking the last bits of life out of the worse-than-impoverished, bankruptcy-eligible U.S. government.

Two thirds of the federal budget is dissipated on social programs neither envisioned by our Founding Fathers nor incorporated into our Constitution. The lions share of these unconstitutional, nation-destroying socialist programs came in the 1930's New Deal government expansion, the 1960's Great Society, and in the 2010's under the scourge of Obamunism. If we can get hundreds of millions of Americans educated and trained to extract God's blessings (the lollipop) rather than settle for what the impoverished, virtually bankrupt U. S. Government can dole out, then we would stand much more than a fighting chance of paying off that $17T debt in less than one generation. This is a broad brush solution and I admit there are many, many valid exceptions for example Social Security entitlements based upon forced deprivation of property for the workmen's entire adult life. The good news is that God wants to bless us all abundantly; we just have to learn to expropriate all His wonderful blessings and provision by doing it all HIS WAY.


Did you ever wonder why we see only one aircraft at a time dropping fire-retardant chemicals on out-of-control deadly forest fires that kill people, scorch hundreds of square miles of fine timber beyond recognition, destroy lovely homes and estates, and relegate thousands of our fellow Americans down to becoming homeless refugees?

PROPOSED SOLUTION: Round up military reserve aircraft and mechanically good but out-of-service military tankers and older bombers and even suitable commercial aircraft and rig either internal (bombers) and/or temporary removable external fire-retardant tanks and then bomb the living hell out of the forest fires around the clock in hundred or even thousand plane loose (for safety) formations day and night around the clock. The military pilots love to fly and we could justify the tremendous fuel consumption, aircraft maintenance and personnel costs as "training" expenditures from the War Department's huge budget. As an added touch, I recommend ordering all the pilots and air crews to view the 1949 movie "Twelve O'clock High" within 24 hours of scheduled takeoff. The fires wouldn't stand a chance and even the most hard core Sierra Club tree-hugger would be overjoyed to welcome thousands of tons of chemical dumped from on high by American air-power on his beloved ecosystems rather than suffer the alternative colossal conflagration and intense inferno.