The Great State of Idaho

Idaho State Issues

I am Pro Common Core : This is not an unfunded mandate from the federal government. Idaho can opt-out at anytime. Let it run it's course for the first year of operation and then evaluate it in again 2015. At that time we should keep what works and discard what doesn't work. Don't change horses in mid-stream.

Criminal Recidivism: I Support the State of Idaho's efforts to rehabilitate repeat offenders. However; this is merely treating the symptom and ignores the cause. Just like zebras that can't change their strips, the villain's evil heart will not change by means of state programs. Only God can change sinful hearts.

Another problem is that the prisons and jails are filled with "Offenders Without Victims". For instance; drug users, prostitutes, gamblers etc. Remember the huge failure of Prohibition? I believe we should see how the recently enacted laws in Colorado and Washington that legalized marijuana work. Perhaps Idaho should consider removing its prohibitive laws to reduce the prison population.

Expansion of Medicare: Obamunisim is totally repugnant to me. Two thirds of our national budget is dissipated on social programs like Medicaid, welfare, Medicare, Food Stamps, housing assistance, utility payments and leaving our grandchildren an ever growing 17 trillion dollar debt to payoff. An important exception to this is Social Security. The workers have been forced to pay Social Security Tax all of their working lives and now deserve to have it paid back in full was as agreed.

Being overly concerned with the relatively pip-squeak issues exclusively affecting the beautiful State of Idaho is like concerning one's self with the arrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic after she struck the iceberg. I once calculated that the COMBINED TOTAL debt of all U.S. local, county, and state governments equals tiny fraction of our $17 trillion federal debt. The State of Idaho has no debt at all and the credit goes to our beloved Governor Butch Otter and all the state Republican good-ol'-boys. Well done!

Since I believe that it is my God-given destiny to be the future President of the United States, I'm asking you to give me some desperately needed "governing practice" in the little league. Typically gubernatorial candidates proclaim how bad their political opponents are and promise a much better future for their constituents. I promise to do my very best for you and Idaho and to thank you every day for allowing me to gain precious experience in governing.  I ask that you vote, not primarily as Idahoans, but as AMERICANS and to please allow your future President to "cut his chief executive teeth" first as the Governor of Idaho.

Those that think my lack of political experience is a liability are mistaken. I have a great deal of experience managing large projects and staying within budget to expeditiously provide large public projects meeting the required standards. I have no experience at all working in the overly private political mechanizations that are typical of any political party. They do this while they talk openly of a transparency that doesn't exist.  My political ignorance is an asset and, I don't know enough about keeping my mouth shut to be anything other than transparent and that is another asset.

(Important Note: It has been my experience over the years that the other politicians, however sleazy, are saints in comparison to some [not all] of the poisonous snakes in the news media.)

Our school children need to be more thoroughly taught about American History. More importantly, they need detailed information about the restrictions placed on government and the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

After thorough inspections, develop and launch a comprehensive plan of attack on both the maintenance and repair of deficiencies found in our roads, bridges and other infrastructure. As an experienced civil engineer, this is right up my alley.

I promise that any and all infringements of the God given Rights of the people of Idaho and State of Idaho that are guaranteed by the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution will be zealously repelled. IT IS WRITTEN: "I am strong in Lord and in the power of His might." (Eph. 6:10)

I am a strong advocate of using saturation bombing of forest fires like Dresden, Germany in World War II, around the clock fire- retardant saturation bombing by massive airplane formations.

The Child Protective Services of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare far too frequently grossly oversteps its lawful authority to forcefully and suddenly remove children from their homes and parents. Unfortunately these traumatic events occur all the time, often acting on the thinnest of evidence, causing the little children to suffer terror and to carry lifelong psychological scars and forcing the parents into waging an uphill battle against the State of Idaho just to get their traumatically kidnapped and wounded children returned. My family suffered a similar wicked experience in 1992, totally conceived from the depths of bureaucratic incompetence gone to the extreme. This is analogous to policemen executing villains at once on sight; while completely proper and good under extremely rare and specifically defined conditions and circumstances, the common application and arbitrary abuse of deadly force reminds me of Nazi Germany. While not advocating that we totally remove all their powers, we need to tighten the reins on these bureaucrats.

Idaho should be better promoted to businesses as a business friendly location for their expansion. It has five main attractions; a simple and friendly tax code, an excellent transportation infrastructure, abundant natural resources, readily available real estate, and a large, skilled and economical workforce already available. Properly promoted this could encourage business to come here, create jobs and provide strength and diversity to our economy.

Proposal for a State Militia

I propose the establishment of "A WELL REGULATED MILITIA", completely separate from the existing Idaho National Guard (U. S. Army) and Idaho Air Guard (USAF) and most importantly, completely separate from any federal command or control.

"A man cannot serve two masters" - the Lord Jesus Christ.

The uniforms of all Idaho National Guard and Air National Guard personnel display prominent patches that read either "U.S. Army" or "U.S. Air Force". I am unsettled that the Governor of Idaho cannot be assured of having command of his National Guard forces 24/7. While it has never happened before (but remember we must be prepared for ANYTHING under Obamunism), it is my understanding that up to 100% of both the Idaho National and Air Guard could be nationalized indefinitely and deployed out of state leaving Idaho with no organized military defense. Most of the peacetime mission of the Idaho Militia would be to support a relatively tiny core of professional military personnel who would administer the training of and maintain the records of great multitudes of reservists on call to rapidly augment the ranks when needed.

What I envision is that the Idaho Militia would report EXCLUSIVELY to the Governor of Idaho, all material, supplies and equipment is to be the Property of the State of Idaho and the organization would be TOTALLY outside of any control by any agency of the U.S. government whatsoever.