The Great State of Idaho

Personal Background

Here is a list of my separate parts which are rolled into me as I am. Not withstanding the tremendous lust of my flesh to boast about the following accomplishments, my Spirit-Man (the REAL me) hereby freely admits that only by the grace of Almighty God have I been blessed and privileged to associate the following list with myself.

Harley Brown "The defendant will now stand"
Credentials & Documentation

Order for Name Change

Achievement Medal Citation

Letter of Commendation

Form DD 214

Professional Engineer License

Presidential Prophecy

Concealed Weapons License

Declaration of Candidacy

  • 1954 Irishman, 6' 3" barefoot, 290 lbs. dripping wet, red beard, blue Irish eyes
  • Hometown: Waterbury Connecticut
    aka: Brass City USA (Where the weak are killed and eaten)
  • Born and raised Roman Catholic
    I have learned tremendously more about God and the Bible from 20 years of exposure to Pentecostals
  • Idaho citizen continuously for last quarter century
  • Professional (Civil, Structural) Engineer
  • Trained Paralegal & Political Science
  • Bible expert; self-proclaimed black belt in spiritual warfare
  • Accomplished evangelist - I have personally led thousands to Christ :)
  • I deplore "Religious Correctness" even more than I abhor " Political Correctness ".
  • Grandfather and devoted family man
  • Blessed with a grand sense of humor - Former stand-up comic
  • Former commanding officer of Naval Construction Forces - The Seabees aka: "Mud Marines"
  • Blue-Collar man, former taxi driver (I've seen just about everything), long haul truck driver, construction worker, mechanic & logger
  • Demolition expert (no job too large)
  • Public Works Officer - supervised 450 civilian employees on Naval Weapons & Ammunition base larger than Washington D.C.
  • I ride an 1982 Harley-Davidson shovelhead and drive a 1975 Dodge Power Wagon and live on a small ranch near Nampa
  • I love dogs, guns, beer, Harley Davidsons, old pickups & Rockin' Roll (Doo-wop oldies) ( If I said "Country & Western music" some might think that I'm a redneck)
  • Some may envision that I am some kind of clown putting a saddle and bridle on God and arongantly riding Him around His Creation doing my will. This is understandable because the Bible says that our carnal minds are at enmity to God and must be renewed daily.